Only the people named on the contract are allowed to stay or enter our cabins; therefore, no outside guests are allowed to enter our cabins. Our cabins are not open to the public. Only the people on the contract, not exceeding the cabins limit, will be allowed to enter the door. Children do count in the total of people. Contracts, policies, receipt and cancellation forms are signed before your arrival. Even if you cancel before you sign our cancellation form, cancellation fees will be charged.

All adults must be 22 years old to reserve our cabins, unless you are the child of an adult and you reserve as a family. Cabin 1 is an all adult cabin, but all other cabins children are very welcome. During the Regular week, we offer 1 night stays; however a min of 2 nights for weekends and 3 nights for holidays and during summer, Memorial through Labor Day. Two Saturdays cannot be offered in one reservation, unless you reserve for 2 full weeks. No candles, fireworks, fire arms B B Guns or liter fluid is allowed at our cabins. We recommend Match light charcoal for our State park Charcoal grills. No Smoking inside our cabins, but Smoking outside is permitted. No littering is tolerated and this includes deposing cigarettes on our land. No cutting down or trees, or breaking branches. This is vandalism and a $1000. Fine plus legal fines will be prosecuted. A $250 returnable-taxable security- damage hold may be required depending upon your age and group size. The Security hold is promised back within 7 days after your departure if the cabin is damage free and not in trashed conditions.

A $80. taxable, Non-refundable cleaning fee is added to each reservation at Cabin 1, Cabin 2, Cabin 4 and Cabin 6. For Cabin #3 a onetime $100.taxable, Non-refundable cleaning fee and for Cabin 5 and Cabin 7 a $120. taxable, non-refundable cleaning fee. All cleaning fees are non-returnable.

So sorry, but no pets are permitted in any of the cabins. Cancellation policy is 1 of the 3 forms to sign and send back. If you need to cancel your reservation, please let us know as soon as possible. Please sign and back our cancellation policies. Please sign and send the Cancellation form back to us by either Faxing to - (610-767-0234), but call 610-767-8680 first before faxing, have a manual fax.) Or scanning-to ecasper007@aol.com Or mailing them to (but donít drive here) Cabins-4-Rent- 3822 Best Station Rd. Slatington, PA 18080 Cancellation Policies Full Payment is due 40 days before you arrive If you cancel even before you get a chance to send the signed cancellation Policies back to us, cancellation Policies are still enforced immediately after you reserve a cabin and secure your reservation with a payment. 1.) If you cancel your reservation on a day that would occur 41 days or more before you arrive, there is a taxable $130.00/(Holiday/ Summer $200.) service fee deducted from your deposit. 2.) Cancel within 40 days of your arrival, there is a taxable $150.00/(Holiday/ Summer $300.) service fee. 3.) If you cancel within 39 days to 30 days before your arrival date, there is $200/(Holiday/Summer $400.) withheld from the total amount paid out for your reservation. All charges are taxable. 4.) If you cancel within 29 days to 19 days before your arrival date, we will refund Ĺ of the amount paid out. 5.) If you cancel within 18 days to 4 days your reservation, we will refund you 1/3 of the total amount paid back. 6.) If you cancel within 72 hours, 3 days of your reservation there is no refund. 7.) No future reservations are offered for the replace of your cancellation. 8.) Giving your reservation to someone else is not permitted. Only the people on the contract and vehicles listed are permitted. If you send someone in your place, they will be immediately evicted. 9.) Call for cancellation to be recorded and for confirmation number to be given to you. If you do not call and just not show up, there is no refund. A confirmation number is needed for your cancellation. 10.) If your credit refund needs to be put back on your credit card, than there is $30.00 taxable charge added on top of the cancellation fees mentioned above. This charge occurs because our credit card carrier charges us for making your transaction and crediting your account. If we have all your signed paper work back, then we can refund your credit by a Cabins-4-Rent check, and there are no additional fees Receiving your refund could take up to 7 days from the date of your cancellation. If you made your reservation less than 40 days before your arrival, than no deposit is needed to hold your reservation, because full payment is due. However, the cancellation charges explained above are the same for balances paid in full. All vacations reserved are held and honored for you and your party. When a cancellation occurs, we are in for a much greater financial loss than what we keep from your payments, when we cannot fill the reservation that was held and honored for you. Please take your reservation seriously, because we reserve that for our valuable customers, you! Please sign and date below and return to us ASAP Sign, print and date. Thank you, Owners!This is a sample of Contract Part 2, which is one of the 3 forms to sign. Our cabins are not open to the public. Only the people on the contract, not exceeding the cabins limit, will be allowed to enter the door. Children do count in the total of people. Please sign by paying party that you read and understand Contract and agreement form Part 1, just to read, and this, Part 2. ________ has reserved Cabin ___ with Cabins-4-Rent for up to _________ adults. Arrival date: -Day of week, Month, date, and year goes here 20-- @ 3:00 PM (If you want an earlier arrival, please call the day before in late afternoon. Departure date: Day of the week, Month, date, and year goes here. @ 11:00 AM or 12 Noon for Cabin 5 and Cabin 7. (If you want a later departure, please call the morning of your departure). No children are allowed at Cabin #1. Cabin #1 is for adults only. Indicated below, the amount of Adults/children staying at the cabin that you indicated to us at the time of your reservation. These people, after approval from Cabins-4-Rent, are the only people allowed to enter, visit, or stay overnight at the cabin. If you are caught allowing anyone to enter, visit, or stay at the cabin without our approval, you and your UN-authorized guest/s will be evicted without any refund or warning. Each cabin has a limited amount of people allowed. In numeric order, including yourself, write down the first & last names of each person/s accompanying you at your reserved cabin and indicate if each person is an adult or child under 18 years old. 1.)__ Please fill in the License Plate #/s, make, model, & color of all vehicle/s that will be parked in driveway. Thank you, Owners


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